It’s really happening…

Today I handed in official paperwork to my son’s school to withdraw him… and something else got posted…

3 weeks ago I didn’t even know this piece of paper existed and suddenly… wow!

So, today we decided we’d start on looking at Ancient China (after we got maths and english out of the way!) Found this great curriculum site…

Sign up was free but once I did that I got access to lots of lesson plans which was great!

So… we started by cutting out a multi-layered map of China on cardboard which we will next add colours of landscape, rivers, the Great Wall to… And a few of those spongy sticker squares and we should have something rather groovy to hang on the wall for reference!

In Australia we have a joke about how the Great Wall of China is to keep the rabbits out… it’s my back up story if things get sticky…

Want to have a laugh… here’s the original rabbit reference…

Starting to feel slightly human again so perhaps you’ll get a few more updates actually directly related to Homeschooling soon!


About purplecamels

I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!
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