Order Restored! (and suddenly I care!?) (And a bonus, just for fun!)

Firstly, apologies for not writing for a few days… apparently some of you have noticed… which is nice to know!

I do have an excuse though… (may not work on all of you but hey, it’s worth a shot!)… I’ve been restoring some order in my world! (It’s okay, you don’t need to start worrying I’m developing OCD… there’s no chance of that!!!)

See, when I took up homeschooling I didn’t go through months of pre-planning, getting myself ready, preparing my environment, rescheduling my life… no, in typical me fashion, I just dived in cold… which meant that actually my house and mind have been complete chaos for the last 4 weeks!!! (no rude comments please!)

It is very hard to get your head around your new teaching career when all you can think about is how embarrassingly messy and out of control your house is! I put out the plea for help and Grandma and Grandad helpfully took the younger two for the day! So, I decided to start by going round the house and putting anything that was out of place in big tubs (ended up with 3 overfull!!!) By the end of Thursday I’d sorted and put away, vacuumed and cleaned, washed and dried, and all I had left was a small box of miscellaneous items!

I also bought a new bookshelf for the schoolroom and got that assembly so finally we don’t have piles of books all over the floor! I’ve also found a couple of really great resource books this week… let me tell you about them…

They are the DK Big Ideas Explained series…

There’s a whole bunch of them… probably for high school kids really but I’ve never seen so many key ideas explained so concisely in such a great format! $19.95 from Australia Post, believe it or not! Highly recommend these, even if you’re not homeschooling! I bought Economics, Psychology, Politics and Economics. Really pleased, look forward to educating myself too!

Anyway, back to the restoration of order… It’s amazing what a difference it makes when your work environment is appealing… you actually have the ability to think clearly! The impossible suddenly seems possible!

After the big clean up I got around to having a much better look around Scootle! Honestly, it’s a fantastic resource! So for Friday’s lessons we had a video clip to watch for science comprehension as well as a Chinese story to write notes on. And I’ve printed out a whole curriculum on light complete with handouts and things to construct. Brilliant! Scootle may just save my bacon!

On other matters… it’s true… I’ve always largely trusted my kids to go to school and learn, without me having a huge involvement (to be honest, other more political factors have probably also influence that to some degree but I won’t go into that). They’ve been self-motivated with homework so I’ve not much cared about what goes on. This year, however, some things have made me sit up and have a look at what is going on… and come to the realisation that perhaps it’s time for a little more involvement and attention to detail… suddenly I care?!!

It’s a funny thing… becoming a homeschooler all of a sudden has made me interested in what my daughter is doing at school! Man, who am I again!? LOL

Wait for the sudden shift in topic… again…

This week he brought me his completed schedule of touring NZ, distances, directions, stopping places, everything mapped out. I was actually really impressed. He’s been tinkering away with google maps and all sorts of other travel sites for a couple of weeks now and honestly I’ve been wondering if he’s really going something meaningful. Well, knock me down… he was!!!

Now, since it’s been so long since I posted I’m going to leave you with a bit of retro fun! But first some background history (pretty sure that’s tautology but hey!)… when I was a kid in primary school my mum (a teacher) had big involvement in getting computers into her school. She has always been the tech guru in the family! (All those Grandma and how useless she is at technology jokes are lost…) First computer she brought home was a BBC… first game we played was a little stick man on the black and white screen and he had a rod that you had to arrow across and use to hit the dot ball in the air! Very high tech!!! Then things advanced a little and we got Frogger or Happy Hopper… as kids we used to play that for ages… it was loads of fun! Well, tonight I discovered I can still play it!!! So… relive a bit of my childhood and have a game…


About purplecamels

I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!
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One Response to Order Restored! (and suddenly I care!?) (And a bonus, just for fun!)

  1. Suey girl says:

    Exciting stuff Mairi. It seems to me you’re a born teacher & just never knew it!
    Can’t wait to see your restoration of organisation when next I come.
    I love reading your news!
    Must look into frogger – don’t think I ever played that one!

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