And another…

Sorry it’s been so quiet from me lately… we’ve been enjoying holidays… and I had a big fall a week ago and have been trying to recover from that. Fortunately nothing broken but I can tell you aqua-planing down a flight of concrete stairs onto your back is not fun or pretty!

So… another…

Really been thinking about homeschooling little sister next year… major, major shift in life plans here, yet again… partly this is logistics (if I put her in a different school next year I have 3 in different places). I can’t get him into a school I like for another year and a half minimum and if, big if, he goes back to school I’d like them to be together at the same school. However, seeing as homeschooling seems to be working so well for him, I can’t honestly say what the future holds… maybe it will end up with them all in school… or maybe it won’t… I’m very open to either possibility at this stage.

Having said that… I’m pretty disillusioned with schools right now so that would have to change before we went back down that road…

Little Miss is a COMPLETELY different kettle of fish to her big brother… what he is in introversion she is in extroversion… what he is in calm she is in energy… she is one feisty little bundle of non-stop go! So I’m not even convinced it will work for longer than a week… but I’m willing to take my courage in my hands and give it a red hot go!

She’s just turned 5 so although she is a kinder/pre-school and loving it… she is very interested in writing letters at the moment. So I figure I may as well seize the opportunity to give her some resources she can use. I’ve set up a little “school” area for her at home which I’ll post photos of another day! 

A couple of the things she really likes are matching letters… There are so many great free printables on this site just for starters… you should check it out!

And playing with the nails and elastic bands to make letters… and other fun patterns…

She is very hands on and I think a bit more of a Montessori approach will work well for her… along with other methods… I’ll keep you posted as I work out what makes most sense for her!

As an aside, I had a conversation with an older man today who I’ve known a long, long time… he asked me how school was going and I told him I’d pulled one of my kids out… he asked why, and I explained he was being bullied verbally a lot of the time… he straight away said very strongly “you’ve made the right decision, I cannot tell you how much being bullied has affected my son (now 30) even today…” It is always nice to have a reassurance from an unexpected quarter that you’re doing the right thing…


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I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!
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