And then there were 3…

Well, this year has certainly been a roller-coaster… I’ll save some of the other goings on for another night but tomorrow is a new day…

I certainly imagined, as I’m sure many mothers do, that when I sent one to school the others would follow… I did not expect them all to come back one by one!

After term 1 I realised that I didn’t want Miss 5 to go to the same school as the one I’d taken Master 10 out of… so then there were two!

As we looked at different schools to potentially send them to Miss 12 started seeing other opportunities and ways of learning. She also started to become more frustrated with the behaviour she was seeing in some of her school peers, and she wanted more challenge and creativity in her learning. The schools that she liked the look of were either lacking in space for the kids, or were inaccessible distance wise. When looking through another school during the term 2 break she suddenly announced out of the blue that she’d like to try homeschooling.

And so… tomorrow begins a 4 week trial… (please slap me if I’m dreaming!)


For a number of reasons I’ll go into another day, I am really keen for this experience to work. I know it won’t be easy but it would certainly remove a certain type of stress from my life and I’d be glad of that. Our journey with school has not always been easy and I feel it’s time for a fresh start. Can you believe how far I’ve come!??! No? Me either!

I know however, that unless she enjoys and owns the experience it will be a disaster and she’ll be headed back to school for term 4. Part of the success I believe is her having a lot of input into what she does. She has made me some lists of the sort of curriculum things at school that have worked and not worked so well and has put a whole bunch of things she’d like to do (or not do!).

Funny, a lot of what she enjoys is really creative but even I started to think it was ridiculous that she wanted to try metalworking and glasswork in art… funny how easily we find the impossibilities rather than the solutions! But, I’ve stepped out of some boxes already this year and realised that there’s no reason she couldn’t do those things on a one off basis… a workshop at some stage!

We both enjoy colour (in case you haven’t noticed!) so this online planner really appealed… I’ll let you know how it goes! She’s really keen to have something defined that she can put up on her wall! Quite different to how himself and I have been working so it will be interesting to see how things develop!


She brought all her books home at the start of the week… this from the girl who was ADAMANTLY against any notion of homeschooling just a few months ago! (yes, yes, she got it from her mother! LOL) so I thought it would be nice to pretty up her workspace while she was at a sleepover Friday night! A colour-loving friend and I went cheapshopping! She was very pleased when she came home and straight away organised her school books into the subject drawers! The shift in her attitude has been quite huge! I think the make-or-break things will be her friends… we will see how we go with emails, phone calls, and visits… but there are also a few homeschool girls we’ve got to know who are her age so hopefully we can get a good balance between old and new friends!

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Well, wish me well! I know it will be up and down at least for a while… but that’s okay… remember how much I cried when himself came home! I’m actually feeling pretty chilled about this decision (other than the momentary freak-outs that flit through my head!)

About purplecamels

I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!
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4 Responses to And then there were 3…

  1. I’m reminded of the little ducklings who went out to play…

  2. redhearts08 says:

    Glad to see progress has been made from the initial reaction to this decision appearing. I must say you’ve come a long way friend 🙂 really proud of you

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