4 months in a snapshot!

Well, this last 4 months has flown by in an altogether unexpected manner… must be a theme for the year!

The thing that threw things off balance was my father in law becoming very ill and ultimately dying at the start of July. Although he’d been gradually getting frailer in the past few years he was still relatively fit and involved right up until he went into hospital and passed away a month later. His loss has had a huge impact on the family. He really was a patriarch of the family, a godly and gentle man who guided his family through the ups and downs of life with steadiness and faith. His loss has left a big hole.


It was a real privilege to make a burial quilt (on the quiet!) for my mother in law to lay over him at the viewing before the funeral. Since then I’ve made a replica for her wall. We know that he is in a better place, rejoicing with his Lord and Saviour but it is a comfort to know that he is covered in death by the hands of those he loved in life. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can do to support those who are grieving. This just felt like the right thing to do and I’m so glad I listened to the still small voice of the Spirit and it was well-received. Each person in the immediate family (wife, children, grandchildren, and spouses) traced around their hands and one big heart represents his big heart. His wife’s hand is placed to go over his heart.


Prior to his passing away things began to get a bit erratic on Not Your Average Homeschooler because my husband was spending a lot of time with his dad in hospital and I was slowly wearing down in energy, trying to keep the homeschooling going, the house managed, and so on…

The same time my father in law went into hospital my dad had a major road accident where he was hit by a police motorcycle as a pedestrian. Oh how grateful we are to God that we did not have two funerals. He had multiple wounds including a head wound, broken arm, scapula and sternum. Seeing your father lying in a hospital bed with a head wound, completely confused in his head, and not knowing what the prognosis will be is confronting to say the least. It’s at times like that I am so grateful to know a God who is bigger than what we see.

The same week both these incidents happened we ran a kids holiday club at church for a week! What a lot of fun! The theme was Wild West so there was a bit of moustache competition going on… the challenge was set… our youth leader Cameron (hopefully won’t disown me for outing him in a blog post!) now has a whole new appreciation for my crazy sense of humour I think!

10502120_10152919202942656_1282955181888209795_n 10517447_10152941283147004_1115214865570694361_n

Co-ordinating the craft room again this year I had quite a bit of fun painting up decor! The kids drew outlines and I painted them in… a whole village! (not sure where the gaol has gone!)

1526604_10152920226582004_1541853958292471146_n 10386277_10152920226707004_6494603946383876741_n 10500488_10152920226817004_5869937170422013916_n 10440861_10152920226967004_6363293717053740913_n 10411300_10152920227117004_6092808673212398929_n 10509586_10152920227197004_5749557709978670805_n 10458798_10152920227302004_954484861535550552_n

With dad just out of hospital I was back and forward to help mum out where I could, husband at the hospital most nights, helping with holiday club… a pretty full on couple of months! You can see where blogging went astray can’t you!?!!

During the mid-year holidays we checked out a couple of schools for my eldest daughter. Liked the look of a couple but a) with one at home earning enough money to pay for private school fees has been difficult and b) we’d have to move… which lead ultimately to her asking to try homeschooling for a month, as I mentioned in an earlier post. How’s that for shocking!

So… a month went by… and she realised that yes, she was less stressed at home and able to get through her work a lot quicker and focus on other pursuits as well. She’s started learning cello from a girl we know from church which seems to be mutually working out which is really great! She has also been working hard on developing a sustainable jewellery making business which she really enjoys. That’s involved looking at budgeting, sourcing resources, promoting through her facebook page, setting up for market display, working with customers, posting, etc.

Himself has enjoyed having the extra company about the place and Miss 5 is gradually coming around to the idea of not going to “real” school next year since her big sister is now going to be home too! I’d be lying if I said it has all be plain sailing. As you would expect it’s had its moments… there have been times I’ve been overwhelmed… times where their behaviour towards each other has been less than ideal… times where meltdowns have happened… but it feels like this is the right thing… it’s not been such a MASSIVE step as the first one was…

I’ll post more about the changes another day… meanwhile I have some sewing deadlines that I must make so I’ll sign off for now! Thanks for coming on the journey… so far…

About purplecamels

I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!
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3 Responses to 4 months in a snapshot!

  1. purplecamels says:

    Nice to be back! My blog is kind of a measure of how on top of things I feel to be truthful! I’ve felt swamped for quite a while now… much beyond my control… when I have time to blog it helps slow me down and allows me to process the journey too! 🙂

  2. michellecaskey says:

    Wow, you’ve been through a lot, lately! I absolutely LOVE the quilt. What a sweet and tender gift to be able to give to your husband and his whole family. I’m so sorry for your loss!

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