I’m a mum of 3… 12 year old daughter (Happy)… 10 year old son (Hobbit)… 5 year old daughter (Sporty)… unexpectedly doing one of the things in life I never imagined I would ever be doing… Homeschooling! The title of my blog is a little tongue in cheek… I know of course that there is not an “average” homeschooler… but when I first became one I did it a little differently to most… by accident! It all started with Master Hobbit… he was supposed to find a new, happier, school… but I couldn’t find one… and so it began… thing was, it worked… really well! So then Miss Sporty was signed up for next year… and then out of the blue Miss Happy decided she’d give it a go… so here we are! This blog is an adventure into the world of one homeschooling family who are trusting God to lead them along the way… cos they have very little idea of what comes next! So, everyone is learning in their own different ways! I hope you’ll have fun reading about our journey! Every day is unexpected!

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