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I'm a slightly crazy mother of 3, wife of 1, who loves adding colour to everything, being creative, and spending time with people. I am very grateful God is in control, though sometimes I wish He'd give a little more notice when He's got plans for my life!

Reflections on teaching prep…!!

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to share some of the highlights and things we’ve learned so far this year… there are so many things to share! One of the biggest challenges has been getting my head around homeschooling … Continue reading

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School Starts tomorrow!

Yesterday my daughter (12) was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding… she described it as both really nerve-wracking and very exciting all at the same time. That pretty much sums up how I feel about starting school tomorrow with 3 … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2015!

Well, today I have been sifting through Prep worksheets I was given from a teacher retiring from the lower end of school. The next fortnight is curriculum planning for 3 kids… Prep, Grade 6 and Year 7! Far out! How … Continue reading

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4 months in a snapshot!

Well, this last 4 months has flown by in an altogether unexpected manner… must be a theme for the year! The thing that threw things off balance was my father in law becoming very ill and ultimately dying at the … Continue reading

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A little get to know me quiz… via a friend… this is pretty tricky!

WHAT DO I FEAR? Spiders, heights, rejection, failure, giving up on my faith (not that I have plans to, just that I’ve seen too many seemingly committed Christians give up) WHAT MOTIVATES ME? God, needs around me, inbuilt passion, people, … Continue reading

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A fantastic blog to visit… and a giveway to enter thrown in over there…

Since I’ve got into this whole Homeschool gig I’ve really loved learning about the Montessori method! I love The Gift of Curiosity blog… it has so many lovely, colourful, creative ideas! You should check it out! At the moment they are … Continue reading

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And then there were 3…

Well, this year has certainly been a roller-coaster… I’ll save some of the other goings on for another night but tomorrow is a new day… I certainly imagined, as I’m sure many mothers do, that when I sent one to … Continue reading

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